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Pregnancy Specialist

What is Pregnancy Specialist?

A Pregnancy Specialist isn’t therapy or counselling. They are someone who guides you in your pregnancy journey. Apart from personal experience, a pregnancy specialist also has a particular set of professional competencies and skills to provide the emotional and physical support as well as helps you to achieve a more positive mind-set that people require.
How Can Pregnancy Specialists Help you?
・To manage anxiety, depression, stress and expectations
・To improve your health for fertility (environment, habits, physical activity and nutrition etc..)
・To make decision by motivating you
・To setting up goals and action plans
Would you like to…
・Feel more positive and less stressed?
・Talk to someone who really understands what you are going through?
・Learn tools you can use to help you through the difficult days?
・Know more information before starting fertility treatment?
Fertility Consultation can have any topic related to fertility and pregnancy!
・How to measure Basal Temperature
・How to Estimate Ovulation day
・Which Fertility Center should I go
・Suitable Fertility Treatment
・Communication with Partners
Consultant to share advice and support for people who are undergoing fertility challenges.