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Nutrition and Fertility

What kind of daily diet is the best to conceive?
It has been common knowledge in the world of infertility that diet has nothing to do with conception.

However, a book titled “A Diet That Makes It Easy to Get Pregnant” (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd.) has come out with results that support the relationship between diet and pregnancy.

In the book, the results of a large-scale epidemiological study of female nurses conducted by Harvard University were shown to indicate that a proper diet can improve ovulation disorders, the most common cause of infertility.

However, for medical professionals who specialize in fertility, “ovulation disorders” are not a troublesome cause. In the actual field of fertility, what is most troubling is the age-related decrease in the number of eggs and the decline in egg quality.

Human body cells are constantly being replaced by new ones.
However, eggs are produced only once in women’s lives. The eggs remain in the ovaries until menarche.

After the first menstruation, the number of eggs decreases rapidly with age.
“There is no way that nutrition can replace eggs that will never be replaced. The conventional view is that there is no way that nutrition can improve the quality of eggs or improve the results of IVF.

Yoga and Ferility

Improving Hormonal Balance:
If you continue to take lessons twice a week for about three months, you will learn the “yoga breathing technique”. Yoga breathing exercises control the autonomic nervous system and are believed to have an effect on improving hormone balance. After about six months to a year, many people can feel signs that their hormonal balance has improved, such as “my menstrual cramps have become easier” or “my periods have become more regular”.

Improvement of basic metabolism:
By the time you have been taking lessons twice a week for about three months, your muscles will start to grow and your basal metabolism will increase. Many people find that the increase in basal metabolism improves their sensitivity to cold.

Stress Relief:
Participating in a hot yoga class and sweating out your entire body can help relieve stress. “In fact, the most stressful thing is to feel frustrated that you can’t have a baby. Instead, you can use hot yoga to build up your body and think, “I’m in such good shape, I’m sure my baby will come! It is important to have a stress-free pregnancy activity.

7 Days Program

7 days program is to offer:
・Nutrition Seminar by Dietitian
・Daily Yoga in the Morning
・3 meals review by Fertility Dietitian
・Sleeping Time Monitoring
Dietitian to lead to have better daily diet with each meal feedback.

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