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Fertility Yoga Class

What’s so great about Yoga?

There’s a lot of bending, stretching and breathing, but what makes yoga so much better than other forms of exercise?
IVF can be a tough process for women, noted Domar, and in addition to feeling stressed, infertile women might feel angry at their bodies. Yoga can help them feel good again — and there are other serious benefits, too.
“Even if the main purpose is yoga, the women may get there early and schmooze with other women — the practice offers a lot of social support,”
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Yoga can help people better process stress.
It’s not news that yoga as a practice can help people deal with stress and anxiety — that’s why wellness “gurus” tout its benefits all day long. Though, there is further research to support that it could be a beneficial tool for women struggling with fertility.
Researchers in Chicago studied yoga’s impacts on 26 infertile patients. Participants in the study were enrolled in online or in-person yoga training, and preliminary results showed a significant reduction in anxiety for patients who practiced yoga in both settings.
I’m trying to get pregnant. Should I start doing yoga right now?
“If a patient came to me and said, ‘I’ve seen these studies, what do you think?’ I’d definitely say, sure, why not try it? But I would not feel comfortable telling them it could improve their chances of becoming pregnant,” said Dr. Kevin Doody, an OB-GYN in Dallas and spokesperson for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, noting that the study from India was conducted on a relatively small number of patients.
“I would never say you have to do yoga to get pregnant,” added Domar. “And for people who don’t like yoga, there are lots of other things they can do to lower stress levels, like cognitive behavior therapy.”
Though for women like Dehkordi, yoga might just be the puzzle piece that was missing.
“Do I wish I’d started this sooner? Yes! It has been a life-changing experience,” she said. “I was the one to laugh at people when they said yoga had changed their life.”